The Glastonbury Footpath in the Sky

Sometimes there are things you have to do just because you can. The Glastonbury Footpath in the Sky between the Zig Zag building & Red Brick Building C is one of them.

Burtle Village Hall

When the Lottery said “No” the villagers renovated their village hall themselves. It took 1000 straw bales, 4000 wine bottles, 1500 sheep fleece, a lot of imagination & hard work.

Hitchhike America

Nobody hitchhikes in America these days, they said. And you will get killed or eaten by a bear. And also you are too old. So I went anyway and had a great trip round the Rockies.

Red Brick Community Project

This is the visitor office we built at the project. It is made out of  5000 Argos catalogues, a mile of old guttering, some pallets and other stuff, by us, and grannies and children.

Paddington Farm

Paddington Farm is a working forty three acre organic farm at the foot of Glastonbury Tor. It provides accommodation for children & families to experience life on a working farm.

Affordable Housing

The Story of affordable housing since the end of the second world war is a litany of negligence, incompetence, and apathy by governments of all colours together with the barefaced and uncontrolled greed of less than twenty big developers.

American Cricket

In 2002 we rented an old Ford Mustang from US Rent-A-Wreck & drove it 9000 miles round America. From Boston to Montana, Utah; Arizona to New Mexico, & back to a wedding in New Jersey.

Camino de Santiago

This is a pilgrim walking route across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela. For us it was 500 miles on foot and a unique experience. For many people it is the journey of a lifetime.


This might be more for my benefit than yours. Nevertheless, you might like to know why the stock market doesn’t oil the wheels of industry. It just makes rich people richer. And a few other things…

Container Home Project

Converting containers to provide warm homes isn’t new, & may not be the best solution. Yet the problem is here now, & we need a short term solution now.

Red Brick Building C
The Life Factory

After years of struggle to raise funds to develop Red Brick Building C something is finally happening. We plan to begin by making the building safe and watertight.

Reading Out Loud & Telling Stories

For many of us, telling stories provides the glue that holds us together as communities and helps to teach us to care for each other.